Zullo’s Thanks Giving Stuffing Recipe

Thanks Giving is coming, all zullo’s friends,  thank you for your support in the whole year.

Our great chef wrote down his family recipe of Thanks Giving stuffing and he would love to share with you all. He is gonna cook some great dishes for his family tonight, cheers !

So first please prepare the ingredients. We get our ingredients from local famers, what about you ?

1 loaf old bread

1# Italian sausage—from Bari foods

2T olive oil

2 cloves garlic—or more

4 stalks celery—cut big

2 onions—cut big

1# mushrooms—cut in half

1 bunch parsley–chopped

¼# butter

2 cups chicken stock

Now everything is ready, just seven simple steps to prepare your home-made delicious stuffing !

a.  Sauté veg in butter

b.  Break up bread into smallish pieces—not too small

c.  Sauté sausage in olive oil

d.  Mix all ingredients

e.  Salt and pepper

f.   Bake

Here you go, it is the time to enjoy the wonderful dinner ! Hope you enjoy Zullo’s Thanks Giving recipe !

Your friends at Zullo’s

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