photo by Cindy Kurman

Zullo’s is an organic Italian restaurant based at the French Market in Chicago, IL. We provide fresh seasonal organic Italian food while keeping the environment in mind. All of our food comes from local farmers who provide the seasonal organic ingredients for our delicious food. We have a zero waste B-Corp certified kitchen, which recycles all our materials. Even the booth itself was created from recycled goods. We are a restaurant with a full devotion to leading the restaurant industry in an environmentally sustainable evolution.

Zullo’s was developed out of my fond memories of my childhood; cooking and baking with my maternal and paternal grandmothers for our traditional Italian holiday celebrations.

Being first generation born in America I was exposed to authentic and rustic recipes from the Molise province of southern Italy where most of my family grew up – in the town of Castel San Vincenzo.

To pay homage and tribute to my heritage I revived those recipes by incorporating local and organic ingredients – 70 years ago my grandmothers got fresh eggs from the chickens running free in the courtyard; milk from the neighbors cow or goat; wheat that was milled walking distance from the town. The best way for me to recreate the essence of that time and place is to maintain a menu of products made from seasonal, local and organic ingredients.

Being new to the food industry and in particular the green and sustainability movement, I sought out the assistance of Chicago’s respected chef, caterer and committed “greenster” – Greg Christian.


You can find Zullo’s in the French Market at 131 N Clinton Ave Chicago, IL 60661.

Click here for directions + Call ahead your order: 312.454.5900

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