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People connect over great food and breaking bread together is one of the most impactful ways to create a lasting connection. Zullo’s is committed to creating a hospitality experience that establishes a sense of connection at your table that is aligned with the sensations, flavors and memories you aim to evoke. Our team will listen to your vision and apply our expertise to carefully compose the details for your special occasion. With over twenty years of experience and after thousands of events- our chefs thoughtfully craft your perfect menu with quality produce and exceptional hand selected ingredients. 

Who We Are

Perfect Synergy

We love working with clients who appreciate quality food, excellent service, and being wrapped in the attention we promise. Zullo’s identity is one created by equal parts where I came from (Italy), where I honed my refined culinary style (The French Pastry School) and where I want to take my clients- in perfect synergy with their vision. Zullo’s was founded in 2009 with the intention of bringing together the warmth of traditional Italian cooking, the impressiveness of classic French cuisine and the infinitely creative ways we can translate modern cuisine into a memorable event.

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Creativity Meets Precision

In Italian culture, food isn’t only a way to nourish ourselves, it’s a way of life. The warmth of where we came from brings to our clients the essence of the memories made and shared over great food around my mother and grandmother’s rustic wood tables. Creativity and passion intersect with conscientiousness and precision at Zullo’s- that feeling of sophisticated fine dining whisked into the warmth of home to ensure a phenomenal farm-to-plate experience not only for your guests, but you as well.

Our Clients

Our Executive Chef + Founder

A rich appreciation for the art of entertaining was the catalyst to my decades long career as a Chef. I trained at the renowned French Pastry School in Chicago where I finely tuned all things classic cuisine. I then trained under a private chef for two years where I developed a skill for tailoring original menus to my unique clients to bring their vision to life through my training.

Inspired by my deep appreciation for local farms and working with quality produce, I joined the Green City Market as a vendor where I was able to expand Zullo’s reach and establish an even deeper connection to a farm to plate cuisine relationship. The part I treasure most about private event catering is the creativity in tailoring every menu and hospitality experience to my clients and watching how the details unfold in a way expressed in their smiles.

I am passionate about getting to know my client’s vision and whether through a customized menu, a cohesive table setting, the vibrant presentation or overwhelming hospitality- bringing it to life through every detail.

We love working with clients who appreciate our food, our process, and our passion for serving delicious meals.